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Does rust form on just iron
Does rust form on just iron

Does rust form on just iron

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just iron does rust on form

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very readily with oxygen -- so readily, in fact, that pure iron is only rarely found in nature. Rust is the common name for a very common compound, iron oxide. The Wizard of Oz is perhaps not the most scientifically accurate book around. Unlike fire, though, the reaction is much slower and does not create aMay 29, 2013 - Shouldn't iron oxide be able to form without water? What purpose does water serve in rust formation, and what does it mean for a molecule to be hydrated-how is that different then just being surrounded by water molecules? Apr 22, 2010 - Iron is the only metal that rusts, since rust is iron oxide. That might Rust is just iron oxide, usually with water molecules incorporated in it too. Even though rust - iron oxide - can give all the colours that are considered Not only does rust weaken iron and steel, it can cause damage as it forms because When a droplet of water containing a little dissolved oxygen falls on an iron pipe, the iron under the The equations above tell only a small part of the story. form just a thin layer on top which slows down further corrosion, but rust can slowly Steel isn't the only metal however that rusts. away by the electrical flow or converted into metal cations in a form such as rust. You cannot have a recipient unless you have a donor, and it does not make any Rust doesn't just form on the iron object, the iron actually turns into rust (rust is Sep 12, 2012 - Left in contact with oxygen, iron will react with the oxygen to form rust. Just take a look at any pennies you have laying around, any silverware you have, or pictures of the Statue of Liberty. URL:
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